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Allergies Or Cold?

Can’t figure out whether you have allergies or a cold? To get relief you need to know which one you have first. Take our quiz to find out.

Do you have a runny nose?

Yes – A thin, clear discharge is most likely a sign of allergies.
No – The most common symptom of allergies and a cold is a stuffy, runny nose.

Do you have a temperature?

No – Allergies don’t usually cause a temperature.
Yes- One of the worst things about a cold is the temperature that usually goes with it.

Do you have aches and pains?

No- Allergies are not usually accompanied by an aching body.
Yes – An aching body is typically means that you have a cold, not an allergy.

Did your symptoms develop fast or slow?

Fast – Allergy symptoms flare up as soon as you’ve come into contact with an allergen
Slow – Cold symptoms can take several days to develop.

Is the weather warm or chilly?

Warm – Allergies are more common during the warmer months when the air is filled with pollen. You most likely have allergies

Chilly – Colds are more lively to develop in winter.

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