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Dust Allergies: How To Protect Yourself

Here’s a foolproof plan to help you in the battle against dust.


For people with allergies, dealing with dust is more than a chore. It’s an ongoing battle.

To protect yourself from dust allergies, clean your home regularly.

  • Dust furniture with a damp cloth or cleaning spray at least once a week.
  • Wait for dust to settle before you vacuum.
  • Try using a HEPA filter or a double bag on your vacuum to help trap allergens, too.
  • Also, wash throw rugs regularly and curtains twice a year.

Cleaning up is especially important in the bedroom, a haven for dust. Pillows and mattresses can hide microscopic dust mites. Wash bed linens in hot water, vacuum the mattress and box spring - as well as around the frame - and under the bed. For added protection, remove decorative pillows and stuffed animals, use dust-mite-proof covers on pillows and mattresses and consider swapping carpet for bare floors.

The fight against dust doesn’t stop there. In every room, you can minimise knickknacks and clutter that can collect dust and close windows to prevent stirring dust up. Help protect yourself from dust allergies with these tips, and remember, the best defence is cleanliness.

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